The Company: Pasta Factory Marulo

“Our land is well-known for its white art tradition, it is called the “capital of the pasta” and its history begins four centuries ago. Growing in this contest, we began our production always considering two important elements: our roots and the quality. From this perspective, we selected the most ancient and the finest varieties of durum wheat to make an excellent pasta, that can be considered as the real expression of Torre Annunziata tradition” – Agostino Marulo

  • Pastificio Marulo Torre Annunziata
  • Pastificio Marulo Torre Annunziata
  • Pastificio Marulo Torre Annunziata

Our company was born from the initiative and the innovation wish of the family Marulo, which aim was to produce a very high quality pasta that could be the expression of Torre Annunziata tradition.

The city was known worldwide, until the middle of the past century, as the capital of the white art.

Knowing how to make pasta is a timeless art which has been preserved over the years. We are in a very magical place for pasta production.

We make just 12.000 kg per day, offering super premium products destined to a “gourmet” public.
Today, our artesanal pasta is the result of a careful selection of the finest raw materials and of the traditional process that have always belonged to the culinary culture of Torre Annunziata.

We firmly want to spread this culture in the name of good taste and quality.

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