Torre Annunziata

“Torre Annunziata, the city of the white art. With this name, a trademark, the city was known in Italy and in the rest of the world, at least until the first half of XX century. Torre Annunziata gained this denomination thanks to the judgment of the people who recognized the technical and artesanal knowledge of those who managed to offer an high quality product”

  • Giordano, L’arte bianca di Torre dell’Annunziata, ed. d’Amelio, 1994
Torre Annunziata Storica

We constantly search for the excellence to make people live again the forgotten local flavours and the prestige of our city in the fascinating world of the “white art”.

The position, the climate, the sea, the right umidity and the warm sun make Torre Annunziata the ideal place for the production of the best pasta.

It is a four centuries history: at those times it was usual to see, in the centre streets, long canes on which pasta was dried at the open air, after being wisely knead and worked.

In the meantime two hydraulic mills, expressly built to boost the production, ground the wheat cultivated in the near lands.

Women worked and designed new pasta formats and new methods to make it, like the fusilli pasta, which is the result of thin filaments rolled on a coil and gnocchi, orecchiette, fettuccine and so on, for the joy of entire families.

Over the centuries this homemade good spread all over Italy first and then pasta conquered all the world.

For the people of Torre Annunziata, pasta is love: it has a nourish and a cultural value that goes beyond the simple daily use.

Our intention is to tell the love for our land and for the gastronomic tradition of Torre Annunziata, where pasta is a cult.

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